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Take yourself on, or treat a loved one to, a regular guided tour de force of cheese adventuring delivered directly to your door OR choose to just stay in the loop by subscribing to our regular news!

By formally joining up to bring the unique Fromage Artisan experience to your place, or the home of your nearest and dearest, you are signing up to a new cheese adventure – to try, learn and experience all the cheesy goodness of this amazing product.

Membership to our club will give you direct access to our gold vault of cheese via a hand selected decadent pack of funky artisan cheeses, chosen at their peak, with paired accompaniments and your choice of incredible wine delivered straight to the door each month. Think dinner party, bookclub or cosy Friday night in…all sorted with the click of a button.

Just click right on your choice of cheese pack size; ‘straight up’, in a ‘trio’ or the full ‘dining party pack’ to help us bring the right pack to you.

You can sign up to try it for just a month, or if you know you want the good stuff sign up for a regular monthly delivery. You won’t regret it when that door knocks each month and a new set of unique artisan cheeses is delivered.

Club delivery will be on the 20th of every month and comes complete with tasting cards to ensure your guided tour is filled with relevant fun facts to take you from faithful cheese lover to connoisseur in no time. To find out more about how your little box of cheese delights gets to you safely, freshly and in prime condition read more at cheesus on the way.

You are also welcome to just sign up below to receive our monthly newsletter with info on our cheeses of the month, deals and discounts in premise and for events, as well as be first in line to get a seat at our sell out masterclasses table.