Sweet Baby Cheesus – What do I do now?

Lets start with some tips on caring for your artisan cheeses at home..

  • Pick it right first up – find the best quality cheese with a fresh and clean appearance – there should be no ammonia smell – only an earthy cheesy aroma.
  • Ask the right questions – get some tips from our in-house Cheesemonger on aging and serving dates for your particular cheese while you are in the vault.
  • Then remember the three Cs of Cheese:
    1. Clear and clean – because cheese is a live product it will easily absorb other flavours! Keep it well away from last week’s meatloaf or a smelly curry in the fridge.
    2. Cold – keep it chilly in the fridge and take it out 30 minutes before serving to bring it up to room temperature. To keep everyone safe it should only be out for max 4 hours (also it’s not the best idea to put it back into the fridge if it has been out for more than 2 hours)
    3. Covered – like the sweet baby delight that it is – keep it swaddled and wrapped so it doesn’t lose flavour when exposed to air. For hard cheeses choose tight cling wrap (change it out from time to time), soft cheese is best in airtight containers and semi hard loves to breathe so keep them in speciality cheese paper or baking paper.
  • Ripe and ready – the best before date is a great hint on when the cheese will be ripe and ready! Try and buy as close to this date as possible and in some cases after this date can be best, especially for Australian Brie and Camembert. But if the cheese has a use by date and this date has passed then wave it goodbye and discard immediately (fresh cheeses just don’t keep well at all!). Hard cheeses are already aged (translate been round the traps for awhile) and are much more resilient so feel free to just enjoy them at your leisure.
  • Get it ready to serve – cut it when chilled with a chef’s knife or wire, score the rind and trim off any dry edges or surface mould and bring it to room temperature.
  • Making it last – most cheeses should last about four to eight weeks in the refrigerator, though fresh and grated cheese should be used within a week or so.
  • To freeze or not to freeze your cheese? You can freeze cheese but it can affect the cheese quality. We reckon fresh is always best!

We love your cheese as much as you do so just call us on 9321 6967 or email  if you have any other queries.